Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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American Couple descends from Tower after 6 months

San Jose, CA- A Los Gatos couple returned safely home this week after an exhausting six month stay on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Public Relations Associate Jane Fainer and her Presbyterian Youth minister husband Steve Fainer were on their honeymoon in Europe when they became victims of the French backlash against recent American Anti-French initiatives. The two were held for most of their stay on the second tier of the 1,000 ft structure where they were treated to free food in the tower café.
“Things got really scary when the tower caught fire this past summer, “ said Jane Fainer, “but we just helped out where we could. We were in line with buckets just like everyone else.”
“The important thing to remember,” added Steve Fainer, “is that none of this is true and it’s the only plausible explanation we could come up with for not posting to this blog for the first six months of our marriage. Our families are very happy to have us home in time for the Christmas season.”

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Eiffel Tower

Hey, we're at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and this keyboard will not do periods

So, it was a great trip

We fly home tomorrow

See you all real soon

Steve & Jane

PS We missed you all

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Honeymoon Day Eight- Sorry I'm late...

Ok, several days away make writing very diffilcult with the Internet cafe about to close in 20 minutes. Ach!

D?lsach was wonderful. A week's trip packed into 2 days and 3 nights. On Tuesday, we hiked Ederplan, which is mountain that is about 6,500 feet at the top. When I was 15, I climbed and it didn't seem so hard, but now. Very hard. It's basically steep switchbacks all the way up. An elevation gain of maybe 2000 feet in 2 miles. In America, we call this hard. In Austria, even the non-hikers call it easy. Apparently, a hard hike requires ropes. Folks, back home we call that mountain climbing. And my favorite part, the german word for hiking is wanderen. It's just wandering for them... for the clueless, they speak german in Austria.

So Jane and I were pathetic sweaters and panters all the way up, but the nice thing about Austrian mountains is that there are big log cabins at the top called huts, which sell food and drink to the sweaty (or non-sweaty if you're a local) hiker. Jane, Christian, an old friend Gudi and I had lunch at the top and the sausages were great. It was at this hut ten years ago that I was peer pressured (by 60 year olds) to try hard alcohol in the form of local favorite, Schnapps. This time was not so bad. Schnapps doesn't burn like it used to.

Anyway, we hiked down Ederplan and laid about in the afternoon. In the evening, we ate dinner at my friend Nicole's mom, Edith's. house. It was super. A salmon pasta. Very good. We stayed there late into the evening, sipping Schnapps, and telling stories about people. I tried something call Fehnert which is supposed to be some healthy kind of liquor mixed with herbs. It tastes like crap. Well, grass and crap. Don't try it if ever offered. Run, and fast.

The next day, yesterday, we woke and visited Mama Brunner. Mama Brunner is the 87 year old mother of Edith, grandmother to Nicole, and host mother to my mom when she came here for a summer at the age of 17. She was very sweet, talkative, humorous, and complimented me on my german, which was flowing ok at that point, but was still very rudimentary. She cried at the end of our visit because she doesn't know if she will see us or especially my mom again before she dies. So Mom, I promised you would visit in the next 2 years, so start saving...Apparently, you can fly within Europe now for like 20 bucks on this Irish just fly to London and then hitch it on the other plane.

In the afternoon, Jane and I played a lot with the two kids of the family we were staying with. Andreas is five and Hannah, six and a half. Both of them were the cutest kids ever, even though they hardly understood anything we said. Jane also went shopping with their mom, Annelies. Around 5 pm, Christian and I met Jane and Annelies at a local Schnapps brewer (the town of D?lsach with 2000 people has 60 local brewers of Schnapps!) and we tried Pear schnapps and raspberry schnapps and elderberry schnapps (YOUR MOTHER SMELT OF ELDERBERRIES!) and you name it, we probably tried it. Too much!

After that, we had a bbq at Gudi's family's house which was awesome. I had never met her family and they were wonderful. Jane said to me within five minutes of meeting them, "I love them." And as we walked home from their house, she said, "You don't have to speak the same language to know if you really like someone." It was a very fun evening of more stories and sadly, even more Schnapps.

The one minute left on time moral of our story in D?lsach is that you will never eat so much or drink so much Schnapps in your whole life as you will in several days in D?lsach...bye.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Honeymoon Day 7- Hallo Osterriech!

A very quick blog tonight people. This keyboard has the y and z keys reversed so it is crazy already. Too many ys!

So we made it to Dolsach, Austria, where once upon a time my mom was an exchange student at 17 and has somehow kept in touch with half the town since then, so we always have a place to stay and people to see. Tomorrow we hike a mountain and then dinner with like 15 people. It's nuts.

But the family we're staying with is wonderful. The two kids are 6 and a half and 5 and are beautifully adorable, if not understandable at all. They, of course, speak no english and my german is withered and sad.

Anyway, we got in around 6 this evening, had dinner, hung out, told stories, and then went into the big town (Lienz, pop. 10-15,000) for ice cream. That's two servings again today. We love it. And our host Christian has offered to take us to a local Schnapps distiller. Very cool.

That's all to report today. I won't tell you about the experience of waking Jane up on the train. It was funny, to say the least.

With love...

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Honeymoon Day Six- Ah Venezia!

So today was one late morning+train ride into the late afternoon. Something about european curtains leads Jane and I to believe it is still 7 am when it's really 10:15. So alas, we missed breakfast at the hotel, had to pack up, and headed for a brief stint at the outdoor market. Jane was looking for a skirt. She found two. Brilliant!

So, that didn't take any time longer than most trips to Old Navy and we were back to get our luggage and head for the train station. The train station was a hurry up and wait situation, as I did not understand that some of the trains we could not just hop in with our Eurail pass. No way were we going to stand in line to pay extra, so we waited an extra hour for a train to Venice. Jane bought us some McDonald's and we spent the time showing off our gin rummy skills to one another. I'm proud to say I won a lot.

The train finally came and well, I goofed. We got onto a second class car when I did pay the extra dough for 1st class passes, and sadly there was not much air flow. This made us both quite sticky in an uncomfortable way.

Arrival in Venice was pleasant as we discovered it was 5 degrees cooler here than in Florence. Just a little cool makes a big difference. As it was 4:30 PM upon arrival, we needed to get our act together for a place to stay and our walking tour. A hotel was procured, the Dolomitti (the Dolomitten mountains are where we head tomorrow so it was fitting), and we headed over to the Basilica of San Marco. Apparently, Mark the Gospel writer happens to be buried in Venice and there's a big church on top of him. They moved him here from somewhere else, but he's here nonetheless. We got there too late and couldn't go in. Bummer, but when you see too many over decorated churches you start getting uncomfortable in your protestant pants.

We then proceeded to get lost in the city, find a nice restaurant, and then do the kicker...the much anticipated Gondola ride at dusk...thanks to a very generous gift from our good friend Debbi Ricks. It was a little piece of heaven. Certainly one of the highlights of the trips thus far, and by far the most romantic. Our Gondolier sang and pointed out landmarks, including Marco Polo's house. This city is old! Plenty of pictures from the Gondola ride for all to see. Jane got off and said, "I feel like I just got a massage..." She was happy.

Once over, Gelato and the internet cafe called. And here we are again, typing for you all.

Oh, no idea about the internet capabilities in small town Austria, so maybe this is the last entry for several days. A pleasure as always...

Saturday, June 14, 2003

A new look

I'm sure you were all tired of all that scrolling...with love...

Honeymoon Day Five- I can't feel my legs

Finally, a day of productive siteseeing. While still coughing a bit, I managed to pick my bleary self out of bed and feel good today. Ha, take that fever! Shake a leg, snot!

We started our day late as usual and finally got a free (read: fixed into the price of room) breakfast at the hotel. The rolls were decent, but the important things were excellent coffee and a nice, talkative couple from North Carolina on their 25th wedding anniversary trip. They talked us all over the map, but gave us some postive advice for art museums in town. Today was their last day in Florence because they were being picked up to go to a cooking school where they live with the chef and go on local food field trips before cooking dinner. Sounded pricey, but good.

We left our luggage at hotel 1 because checkin was not for several more hours at hotel 2, and headed for Il Duomo which is the big cathedral with a fancy dome in town. We didn't climb the stairs to the top. Who wants to pay to climb over 200 stairs? The stained glass was pretty spectacular though. The sun was hitting it right when we got there.

From Il Duomo, we went in search of Vivoli's. Now Jane has developed an addiction to Gelato which causes this one concern considering the prices in Los Gatos, but this Vivoli's place is touted by Steve McFarland's MapEasy map as the "best ice cream in the world" (a real publication, not Steve's crude rendering of Florence). When you've had the best, it's really hard to say it's the best. I'd say it is stellar, breathtaking, refreshingly brilliant and brilliantly refreshing, but "best in the world" is pretty high. When I was in Israel, one of the Muslim men who worked in our hotel took me and two others to Ramallah (which was a bustling city of 200,000+ at the time, a week or so later, Israel started sending missiles into various buildings there). There we ate an ice cream that was exceptional and unique. It was so rich that it would stretch like taffy...but it was ice cream. If that place no longer stands, than I'd tell you that this Vivoli's coffee ice cream is the best ice cream you could currently purchase within NATO.

Enough about that. It happened that I was interested in leather goods, and as Florence is known as "the leather city," we searched out the leather craft school, hoping for a bargain. We stumbled upon the largest Franciscan church in the world, Santa Croce, and went inside to get out of the sun. Santa Croce, as it happens, has a lot of famous dead people buried within it, and even though the place is dedicated to the ministry of St. Francis and his order, dead people monuments abound. What sort of famous people you ask? Well, how about Machiavelli? Maybe, Dante? Michelangelo, good enough? My favorite? Galileo. The guy gets labeled a heretic and he's buried in a church. Those were such crazy times!

Following the famous dead fest, I bought a wallet from the leather school. I'm currently using a Mark "Burnsie" Burnham hand me down that Charlotte gave me because she was sick of seeing my old wallet and she just took her dad's old one. This new one is nice. It's brown.

Lunch was another of Stevie Mac's suggestions. A little pricier than necessary, but definitely good. Note to the reader: when you order a stew, expect just to get meat. I had a plate full of meat for lunch. Jane had a delightful homemade tortellini in a killer cheese sauce.

It was time to check into hotel 2, so we hiked back to take our luggage over. We then headed back in the same direction that we'd been all day to the Pitti Palace, now a renaissance art museum. The place was built by a rival of the Medici family (who were like the Rockefellers of the renaissance), but then the Medici's bought it a century later. They ran Florence from there and housed their massive art collection inside. In the 18th century, the last Medici bequeathed the collection to the city of Florence and stipulated that the art could never leave town. And that's where the tour ends because Steve's legs and back ached so much in this place that we was not able to pay attention beyond the first four rooms. Our friends from this morning had given us a guidebook to this museum and we read about the paintings it highlighted. Rapheal was highly represented in this musuem, and in many cases, you could see why he was so much better than everyone else.

But as I said, my back was killing me and my legs began to lose their feeling. Fortunately, just at the point where I was going to say to Jane, "You can read about these paintings later, baby, let's go", the tour ended. Woo.

But the walk back to the new hotel was not really short, so we stopped at Vivoli's again. It was conveniently located several blocks out of the way.

The rest of the day has passed lazily in air-conditioned-ness. And it's 9 o'clock and I want dinner!

Hope your weekend rocks!

Oh, a post script to Joey Freda. Yes, Joey, we are staying in too much contact with home for being on our honeymoon, but guess what? Internet cafe's are air-conditioned. And Jane can't leave you people alone.

I'm running out of time...buh-bye.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Honeymoon Day Four- The sweatiest man in the world

Hello, my name is Steve. I have the honor of informing you that I am the sweatiest man in the world. I can walk approximately 5 steps with my backpack on and lose a liter of water. This morning's trek to the train station in Rome was ridiculous. Not only was my nose running like the Tiber river, but I was dripping everywhere. Not like the pleasant, "Oh Steve's eating spicy foods again, haha, watch him sweat!" No, it was fever and badness.

That was gross, sorry. So we made it on the train and enjoyed the ride through fine Italian countryside. So pretty. Of course, I took a good nap. But when I was awake something interesting had occured in trains since my last visit. When going through a tunnel, the pressure in the train changes so your ears do that weird pluggin up thing. Now this is all fine and good for one tunnel, but when your train is barreling through hills and every 10 seconds you come across a new tunnel, this can be quite an experience. Especially when your wife is sitting across from you and making funny faces so as to keep her ears from popping. At one point, Jane shouted out, "Stop it!" She was talking to the train and telling it to stop its tunneling.

After three hours of air conditioned train, Florence immediately reheated us to a slow roast. It might actually be hotter than Rome. We found some fever meds for me, but then I was stupid and went looking for a hotel by myself. Here's the thing: when you can't remember the names of hotels recommended by the guidebook, you're hot, you have a fever, and you don't like shopping around in general, looking for a hotel in busy, busy Florence is not a good idea. So I took the first hotel that looked good and had a room available (only one night, so once we're done at the internet cafe we're looking for tomorrow night's accomodations).

Then we fell asleep. For too long. I won't even tell you. But since waking up, we headed over to see Michelangelo's David, which is my favorite piece of art in the whole world. When you see it in real life, it is stunning. Jane agrees with me on this one. Unfortunately, right now he is being restored so his skin is not clean, hiding the most remarkable thing about him. When he's clean, you can see veins on his arms that are under the surface of the marble- I don't know how this was done, but it is incredible.

Dinner was a touristy pizza cafe and the biggest financial mistake of our marriage so far. We were hot. As I've repeatedly said. And a nice cold coke sounded especially fantastic. Jane first, and then myself thinking, "Ok, if she's this nuts, I can be too" ordered grande sized cokes. For 6 euros a piece. Currently, the Euro is stronger than the dollar so we're talking about a 7 dollar coke. And how big were they? A healthy 22 ounces, with ice! One must admit, however, they were dang good and they cooled me off better than anything else all day. Was it worth 14 dollars? No, but sometimes, you just gotta be stupid.

And that...was today!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Honeymoon Day Three -- Walking, Walking and More Walking

Well, today was our last day in Rome, so we decided to take the city by storm... and we did just that. We started early (or at least what has been early for us this trip) and headed out for Ancient Rome. We toured through the Colisseum, then into the Ancient Ruins and over to the Pantheon. All of this is quite a site, and really quite amazing. At the Pantheon we still hadn't eaten all day, so we waited around for a while for a nice restaurant (suggested by our good friend Steve McFarland) to open for lunch. And it was indeed worth the wait. Both of us shared their appetizer of the house (assorted Italian foods) and then we both had the funghi (mushroom) pasta and Steve finished off with Roasted Lamb and potatoes. We both walked out quite satisfied.

From there we headed over to a Gelato place that came highly recommended from one of our tour books. The heat in Rome was still going quite strong (and even at 11:20 at night with the windows open, I am sweating as I type -- not so tight). The ice cream cooled us down quite a bit and we headed off to the Spanish Steps. Because we were not able to make it up them the other day, we decided to try again... and today succeeded. But let me tell you, it was hot. And just so you know, there are 138 Spanish Steps, which still doesn't beat the 146 steps up to our hostel.

If you are familiar with Rome, or a map of Rome at all, at this point you will realize we walked across all of Rome today. And unfortunately, at the end of it, Steve begun to sniffle pretty badly -- thus the reason I am writing the blog tonight. He is up in our room keeping a hanky close by, and using it quite a bit. And although we all know what boys are like when sick, he is being a good sport about it. I, thankfully, am doing much better, but Steve blames me for passing my cold onto him, and for that I feel bad. Let's hope he gets over his as quickly as I got over mine.

Rome has been wonderful, and I am excited to venture on to our next destination -- Florence! I'm sure you will hear more from us there.

Jane (and sickly Steve)

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Honeymoon Day Two- I think I Vatican, I think I Vatican

That's a stupid title I know.

Today we slept in like idiots until 10:30 am after sleeping all day yesterday too. We took forever to get going because of all the other peeps taking showers in the hostel. bathroom which we share. Once finally down the steps and in the train station we headed for the Vatican musuem continuing to sweat like cold coke cans experiencing condensation. By the time we arrived at the museum, we were so hot and tired, we needed to eat lunch just to keep going. So we ate our sandwiches, went in the museum and discovered, to our dismay, we were two Euros short of an entry fee. Cash only, baby. Relief came from the moneychangers in the temple and we got ourselves into a whirlwind tour of the Vatican's extremely rich art holdings. Of course, all signs lead to the Sistine Chapel while in the museum, but it takes at least 2 hours of walking to get there. And we whizzed through lots of cool and amazing rooms to get there. By the time we reached it however, a back ache was added to Jane's growing list of illnesses (the worst of which is healed folks...) and thus we needed to sit to admire the ceiling. I was happy to do this of course because who wants to be using their legs like a sucker when they can sit!

Exiting the Museum, I found that the exit had moved and we were dropped to the side of St. Peter's Basilica. Convenient. We went in, admired all that one can admire without being on a pligrimage or reading latin, and left. I got a good picture of the Pope's sexy swiss guards. They're dressed in the finest renaissance garb this side of the mississippi, so it's quite a treat to see them.

The rest of the afternoon was a lazy lay around fest, and thanks to the help of advil, Jane is walking and talking again.

Now it is almost cool in the 9 pm air...

One note of sadness: Jerusalem had another bombing today on Jaffa Street, another on the list of places I've walked which has been bombed. Our friend Shannon is still there working with victims of bombings like this. Jane is glad she said no to my initial plan of going to Jerusalem on the first leg of our honeymoon. I am too, but worried about Shannon.

Good night everyone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Honeymoon Day One- In sickness and in health

The first day of any transatlantic flight is always a sweaty mess of sleepyness, confusion, disorientation and runny noses. Unfortunately, Jane has got a few more issues than just a runny nose. We spent today worrying about what seemed to be an infection of the urinary tract variety. Eeew! But we got her some meds at the pharmacist (who is apparently allowed to prescribe anti-biotics without a doctor's order) and she's already doing much better after only 2 pills.

We cruised over to the Spanish Steps around noon once we'd made it to our hostel (146 steps from the street, hotchie motchie!) and spent a delusional hour looking for a restaraunt. We waited for places to open up and shaded ourselves from the evil Roman sun on the steps themselves. Finally, we ate at a relatively cheap little bar and pizze place. Outstanding pizza really.

But as we sat there eating, both Jane and my eyes were closing to a dangerous level so I decided we needed to get her back to a bed to rest off her sicknesses (sore throat, runny nose, infection and now leg cramps!) and violate the prime rule about getting over jet lag. We both slept forever and now we're ready for bed again honestly. It's barely 10 pm.

Jane seems to think Rome has it in for her. I think it's her German blood. Those Huns sacked Rome and the people never forgave the Germans for the fall of the empire. So the city takes it out on my new wife (that phrase "new wife" is becoming more familiar, but it's still pretty weird).

Tomorrow we take the Sistine Chapel challenge and probably some other stuff we'll play by ear. Thanks for checkin' the blog. Hope all is well on your part of the globe.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Today's the Day

Good morning! I'm sequestered in my office because Jane is currently at my house picking up her dress after her hair appointment...

Folks, I'm getting nervous. But since you'll read this after the fact, you'll have seen me be nervous and this will be no surprise to you. At least I don't have any fear about being in front of people...that's the easy part.

I know Jane is going to be so unbelievably beautiful today, I can't wait to see her. She looked especially hot yesterday for the rehearsal dinner, so I'm very curious what today has in store for us.

And of course Erik has been running the show for days now thankfully. He is a saint.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Saga With the Pots

Day 112 of pot intrigue. They are almost done. Jane will be recruiting kids from youth group tonight to help her paint on designs. Be sure to ooh and ahh at all pot artistry.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Steve's Bachelor Weekend

Since Steve recently talked about my shower, I figured it would only be appropriate for me to write about Steve's bachelor weekend (although as you would expect, I don't know much).

Steve's brother, Ian, had a fun-filled weekend of camping planned at Big Basin (see "Things To Do" for more information on Big Basin). That is, it was fun-filled camping until the weatherman predicted heavy rain this past weekend, and was actually right. So Steve, Ian, my brother David, Erik, Chris, and some friends Steve grew up with in Santa Barbara, headed over to Big Basin on Friday evening and had a lovely time together of eating and well, just being boys I can assume. All went well until about 3:00 in the morning when in the midst of their pleasant sleep, the rain started. As my brother told me, at one point he rolled over in his tent and dunked his hand in a puddle of water. This is IN the tent mind you! It wasn't pretty! I received a call from Steve on Saturday morning telling me they had been rained out and were heading back to his house to finish off this boys-weekend.

A few more guys joined up at Steve's house on Saturday (including my best friend Tony) and finished off the weekend with more boy-filled fun (I told you I didn't know much). I believe there was some movie watching (the ultimate male-classic -- Swingers) and probably some video game playing as well. I received another call from Steve on Sunday afternoon after everyone was gone and he wanted to let me know he was tired and was going to take a nap. By the time I got over to the church for Tribe, it looked like he had recuperated to me.

So all in all, it sounds like Steve had a great time. And I know he was especially grateful to get to see his friends from Santa Barbara who he hasn't gotten to visit with in a while... so thanks to Kevin, Dave and Ryan for making the extra effort. And of course thanks to Ian, for pulling through on the bestman duties.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Jane's shower

So Jane had a remarkable shower over the weekend. A small turnout arrived at our friend Holly Kuljian’s parent’s house in Goleta to shower Jane with advice and gifts. Jane’s long time friend Heather Minnoch, the maid of honor Kelly Grady, Holly, Holly’s mom Kathy, Christine “Steinbeck”, Jane’s mom, Erin, Erin’s friend Thuy, my grandmothers, my aunt Janet and my mom. Steinbeck, Holly, Kelly, Jane and I all lived in Everest Hall at Westmont during the ‘98-‘99 school year.

Anyway, the shower festivities were beautifully decorated and apparently the food was good, too. In the advice-giving part of the shower, my mom apologized to Jane for not training me on putting the toilet seat back down (my brother and I shared a bathroom- there was never any need).

When I arrived home from a skit trip with 18 middle school students, I was greeted by a plethora of presents sitting in my living room. An attractive hoe was there, along with a suggestive body painting kit for the tub, fancy sheets, fancy candles, and many other fine gifts.

All in all, I think the shower was much enjoyed by all. Thanks Kelly, Holly, Kathy and mom for helping to set it up.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

A whole lotta pot

Jane had the brilliant idea of putting Erin and her friend Laura to work. They scrubbed the big pots for the centerpieces because the bar code sticker goo was still holding fast to the terra cotta. They did a fine job. And Jane completed her pilot pot with a lovely lettering job that gives a nod to the good people at Crate and Barrel.

Erik had a silly but fascinating idea this evening. Well, first you ought to know that finding the restrooms at church will be an issue, so Erik thought maybe we get some red carpet and roll it out in the direction of bathrooms. And then people know where they're going, plus they feel like ambassadors or something. Pretty sweet.

Saturday, March 15, 2003


Are fun
Something got screwed up on that last one...I'll fix it I guess.
Here we are a whole week later! What has been going on that such lazy attendance to blogging has occured? Good question. Unfortunately, I have no answer.

What's been done this week? More invitation addressing (although we've kind of stalled because we have run out of addresses- as in various people have not given us the necessary addresses yet). Made appointment with a florist. Found out about some possible deals regarding table cloths, dance floor and chairs. The girl-only shower invitations were sent out by Kelly G. Well done, Kelly! The shower is next weekend. Seven days from today actually!

We've finished the first Season of the Sopranos, and much to our chagrin Netflix is not sending out season two fast enough. Dang that's an addicting show.

Here's a little website update, you can email certain peeps involved with the wedding at their new email addresses. For example, ME or Jane or our fabulous website administrator Carlo . He's fifteen, and has a dog named Samwise who is very stubborn when he goes on walks because when he's tired of walking, he will lock his legs and stop moving, indicating that he would now like to be carried.

OH! Of course. Wednesday night we headed over to Macy's to add to our registry. It should be noted that our registries have been notoriously short which suggests a lack of need for tons of stuff, but at the urging of a few friends, and especially my parents, we had to go add more stuff, supposedly so people wouldn't buy us fancy paper weights or snowglobes.

We met up at the gigantic Valley Faire mall run by the good people of Westfield; Jane found me sitting in a

Friday, March 07, 2003

Purchased Centerpiece pots last night. The removal of more barcode stickers was not enjoyed by Jane's or my fingernails. I have to say, I am better (finally) at one thing. And its removing bar code stickers off big pots.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

We had fabulously filling burritos at Casa Vicky this evening and also put the down payment on the food. We almost didn't get any salad. Quite a bad thing if you ask me.

Jane's friend Kelly is planning a shower in Santa Barbara and it' only a few weeks away so they're looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to being with 12 junior highers that weekend up at Tahoe. Last year on the JRHI ski trip it took us nearly 12 hours to get to Tahoe. 12 kids. 3 Adults. One van. You figure that one out.

Anyway, we purchased those calligraphy pens and at first Jane had trouble working them, but I think she's got the hang of it now. We also purchased 315 favors (its a secret). Let me say that each of these things had a bar code sticker on them and it is a labor of love to peel each one off. Actually, it sucks and my thumb feels like tape.

The Sopranos continue to delight and entertain.
What a silly turn of events. A couple we know who are getting married on May 10 have managed to get almost exactly the same invitations, as well as the same wording on the invitations. What can I say, but way to go Ryan and Sarah!

Currently on the search for callligraphy pens for the invitations. We folded all the invitation stuff last night while watching several episodes of the Sopranos. What a crazy show that is.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Hello. This is the first day of the blog, and I've done nothing related to the wedding today except for this whole blog thing. We used to do a blog for the adults involved with Tribe worship. But we stopped because we got lazy.

Hey there. Welcome.