Here we are a whole week later! What has been going on that such lazy attendance to blogging has occured? Good question. Unfortunately, I have no answer.

What's been done this week? More invitation addressing (although we've kind of stalled because we have run out of addresses- as in various people have not given us the necessary addresses yet). Made appointment with a florist. Found out about some possible deals regarding table cloths, dance floor and chairs. The girl-only shower invitations were sent out by Kelly G. Well done, Kelly! The shower is next weekend. Seven days from today actually!

We've finished the first Season of the Sopranos, and much to our chagrin Netflix is not sending out season two fast enough. Dang that's an addicting show.

Here's a little website update, you can email certain peeps involved with the wedding at their new email addresses. For example, ME or Jane or our fabulous website administrator Carlo . He's fifteen, and has a dog named Samwise who is very stubborn when he goes on walks because when he's tired of walking, he will lock his legs and stop moving, indicating that he would now like to be carried.

OH! Of course. Wednesday night we headed over to Macy's to add to our registry. It should be noted that our registries have been notoriously short which suggests a lack of need for tons of stuff, but at the urging of a few friends, and especially my parents, we had to go add more stuff, supposedly so people wouldn't buy us fancy paper weights or snowglobes.

We met up at the gigantic Valley Faire mall run by the good people of Westfield; Jane found me sitting in a