Honeymoon Day 7- Hallo Osterriech!

A very quick blog tonight people. This keyboard has the y and z keys reversed so it is crazy already. Too many ys!

So we made it to Dolsach, Austria, where once upon a time my mom was an exchange student at 17 and has somehow kept in touch with half the town since then, so we always have a place to stay and people to see. Tomorrow we hike a mountain and then dinner with like 15 people. It's nuts.

But the family we're staying with is wonderful. The two kids are 6 and a half and 5 and are beautifully adorable, if not understandable at all. They, of course, speak no english and my german is withered and sad.

Anyway, we got in around 6 this evening, had dinner, hung out, told stories, and then went into the big town (Lienz, pop. 10-15,000) for ice cream. That's two servings again today. We love it. And our host Christian has offered to take us to a local Schnapps distiller. Very cool.

That's all to report today. I won't tell you about the experience of waking Jane up on the train. It was funny, to say the least.

With love...


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