Honeymoon Day Four- The sweatiest man in the world

Hello, my name is Steve. I have the honor of informing you that I am the sweatiest man in the world. I can walk approximately 5 steps with my backpack on and lose a liter of water. This morning's trek to the train station in Rome was ridiculous. Not only was my nose running like the Tiber river, but I was dripping everywhere. Not like the pleasant, "Oh Steve's eating spicy foods again, haha, watch him sweat!" No, it was fever and badness.

That was gross, sorry. So we made it on the train and enjoyed the ride through fine Italian countryside. So pretty. Of course, I took a good nap. But when I was awake something interesting had occured in trains since my last visit. When going through a tunnel, the pressure in the train changes so your ears do that weird pluggin up thing. Now this is all fine and good for one tunnel, but when your train is barreling through hills and every 10 seconds you come across a new tunnel, this can be quite an experience. Especially when your wife is sitting across from you and making funny faces so as to keep her ears from popping. At one point, Jane shouted out, "Stop it!" She was talking to the train and telling it to stop its tunneling.

After three hours of air conditioned train, Florence immediately reheated us to a slow roast. It might actually be hotter than Rome. We found some fever meds for me, but then I was stupid and went looking for a hotel by myself. Here's the thing: when you can't remember the names of hotels recommended by the guidebook, you're hot, you have a fever, and you don't like shopping around in general, looking for a hotel in busy, busy Florence is not a good idea. So I took the first hotel that looked good and had a room available (only one night, so once we're done at the internet cafe we're looking for tomorrow night's accomodations).

Then we fell asleep. For too long. I won't even tell you. But since waking up, we headed over to see Michelangelo's David, which is my favorite piece of art in the whole world. When you see it in real life, it is stunning. Jane agrees with me on this one. Unfortunately, right now he is being restored so his skin is not clean, hiding the most remarkable thing about him. When he's clean, you can see veins on his arms that are under the surface of the marble- I don't know how this was done, but it is incredible.

Dinner was a touristy pizza cafe and the biggest financial mistake of our marriage so far. We were hot. As I've repeatedly said. And a nice cold coke sounded especially fantastic. Jane first, and then myself thinking, "Ok, if she's this nuts, I can be too" ordered grande sized cokes. For 6 euros a piece. Currently, the Euro is stronger than the dollar so we're talking about a 7 dollar coke. And how big were they? A healthy 22 ounces, with ice! One must admit, however, they were dang good and they cooled me off better than anything else all day. Was it worth 14 dollars? No, but sometimes, you just gotta be stupid.

And that...was today!


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