Honeymoon Day One- In sickness and in health

The first day of any transatlantic flight is always a sweaty mess of sleepyness, confusion, disorientation and runny noses. Unfortunately, Jane has got a few more issues than just a runny nose. We spent today worrying about what seemed to be an infection of the urinary tract variety. Eeew! But we got her some meds at the pharmacist (who is apparently allowed to prescribe anti-biotics without a doctor's order) and she's already doing much better after only 2 pills.

We cruised over to the Spanish Steps around noon once we'd made it to our hostel (146 steps from the street, hotchie motchie!) and spent a delusional hour looking for a restaraunt. We waited for places to open up and shaded ourselves from the evil Roman sun on the steps themselves. Finally, we ate at a relatively cheap little bar and pizze place. Outstanding pizza really.

But as we sat there eating, both Jane and my eyes were closing to a dangerous level so I decided we needed to get her back to a bed to rest off her sicknesses (sore throat, runny nose, infection and now leg cramps!) and violate the prime rule about getting over jet lag. We both slept forever and now we're ready for bed again honestly. It's barely 10 pm.

Jane seems to think Rome has it in for her. I think it's her German blood. Those Huns sacked Rome and the people never forgave the Germans for the fall of the empire. So the city takes it out on my new wife (that phrase "new wife" is becoming more familiar, but it's still pretty weird).

Tomorrow we take the Sistine Chapel challenge and probably some other stuff we'll play by ear. Thanks for checkin' the blog. Hope all is well on your part of the globe.


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