Honeymoon Day Three -- Walking, Walking and More Walking

Well, today was our last day in Rome, so we decided to take the city by storm... and we did just that. We started early (or at least what has been early for us this trip) and headed out for Ancient Rome. We toured through the Colisseum, then into the Ancient Ruins and over to the Pantheon. All of this is quite a site, and really quite amazing. At the Pantheon we still hadn't eaten all day, so we waited around for a while for a nice restaurant (suggested by our good friend Steve McFarland) to open for lunch. And it was indeed worth the wait. Both of us shared their appetizer of the house (assorted Italian foods) and then we both had the funghi (mushroom) pasta and Steve finished off with Roasted Lamb and potatoes. We both walked out quite satisfied.

From there we headed over to a Gelato place that came highly recommended from one of our tour books. The heat in Rome was still going quite strong (and even at 11:20 at night with the windows open, I am sweating as I type -- not so tight). The ice cream cooled us down quite a bit and we headed off to the Spanish Steps. Because we were not able to make it up them the other day, we decided to try again... and today succeeded. But let me tell you, it was hot. And just so you know, there are 138 Spanish Steps, which still doesn't beat the 146 steps up to our hostel.

If you are familiar with Rome, or a map of Rome at all, at this point you will realize we walked across all of Rome today. And unfortunately, at the end of it, Steve begun to sniffle pretty badly -- thus the reason I am writing the blog tonight. He is up in our room keeping a hanky close by, and using it quite a bit. And although we all know what boys are like when sick, he is being a good sport about it. I, thankfully, am doing much better, but Steve blames me for passing my cold onto him, and for that I feel bad. Let's hope he gets over his as quickly as I got over mine.

Rome has been wonderful, and I am excited to venture on to our next destination -- Florence! I'm sure you will hear more from us there.

Jane (and sickly Steve)


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