Honeymoon Day Two- I think I Vatican, I think I Vatican

That's a stupid title I know.

Today we slept in like idiots until 10:30 am after sleeping all day yesterday too. We took forever to get going because of all the other peeps taking showers in the hostel. bathroom which we share. Once finally down the steps and in the train station we headed for the Vatican musuem continuing to sweat like cold coke cans experiencing condensation. By the time we arrived at the museum, we were so hot and tired, we needed to eat lunch just to keep going. So we ate our sandwiches, went in the museum and discovered, to our dismay, we were two Euros short of an entry fee. Cash only, baby. Relief came from the moneychangers in the temple and we got ourselves into a whirlwind tour of the Vatican's extremely rich art holdings. Of course, all signs lead to the Sistine Chapel while in the museum, but it takes at least 2 hours of walking to get there. And we whizzed through lots of cool and amazing rooms to get there. By the time we reached it however, a back ache was added to Jane's growing list of illnesses (the worst of which is healed folks...) and thus we needed to sit to admire the ceiling. I was happy to do this of course because who wants to be using their legs like a sucker when they can sit!

Exiting the Museum, I found that the exit had moved and we were dropped to the side of St. Peter's Basilica. Convenient. We went in, admired all that one can admire without being on a pligrimage or reading latin, and left. I got a good picture of the Pope's sexy swiss guards. They're dressed in the finest renaissance garb this side of the mississippi, so it's quite a treat to see them.

The rest of the afternoon was a lazy lay around fest, and thanks to the help of advil, Jane is walking and talking again.

Now it is almost cool in the 9 pm air...

One note of sadness: Jerusalem had another bombing today on Jaffa Street, another on the list of places I've walked which has been bombed. Our friend Shannon is still there working with victims of bombings like this. Jane is glad she said no to my initial plan of going to Jerusalem on the first leg of our honeymoon. I am too, but worried about Shannon.

Good night everyone!


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