American Couple descends from Tower after 6 months

San Jose, CA- A Los Gatos couple returned safely home this week after an exhausting six month stay on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Public Relations Associate Jane Fainer and her Presbyterian Youth minister husband Steve Fainer were on their honeymoon in Europe when they became victims of the French backlash against recent American Anti-French initiatives. The two were held for most of their stay on the second tier of the 1,000 ft structure where they were treated to free food in the tower café.
“Things got really scary when the tower caught fire this past summer, “ said Jane Fainer, “but we just helped out where we could. We were in line with buckets just like everyone else.”
“The important thing to remember,” added Steve Fainer, “is that none of this is true and it’s the only plausible explanation we could come up with for not posting to this blog for the first six months of our marriage. Our families are very happy to have us home in time for the Christmas season.”


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