It is finally here…

Actually, “it” has been here for over a week and “its” companion has been here for several days. Of “what” do I speak? Why it is the nutmeg colored, aniline dyed, leather upholstered, hardwood framed, American constructed, long desired, china replaced, ridiculously uncheap, Restoration Hardware, Buster Chair. To see a picture of me in the chair, check out this photo. Actually, "this photo" in the last sentence is not working on my computer so just click on the link to the left, which says, "Steve's Fotolog." Enjoy.

The saga of the chair follows below.

Instead of china, I conned Jane into registering for the Buster Chair, quite convinced no one would buy us a chair. And no one did. But a whole heckuva lot of people bought gift certificates to Restoration Hardware or gave us money specifically designated for the Buster Chair on the occasion of our nuptials. And we sat on the gift certificates, and the money. It was a lot of money frankly and we had plenty of post-wedding debt that we were looking at so we decided to keep the extra money in Jane’s bank as a nice comfort buffer. But we knew we’d probably use it for the chair some day seeing as how we had 800 dollars in gift certificates to Restoration Hardware and that was pretty much the only thing we wanted from the store, nice as it may be.

So in August we saw a sale- 100 dollars off the Buster. And we hemmed and hawed and idioticly thought (it was me who thought this) the party would never end. But bubbles burst in Silicon Valley and the chair went back to normal price. So, we sat on our horde again.

Then, on December 7th, one year after our engagement, Restoration Hardware sent Jane and email. This glorious virtual document stated we could come in and buy anything in the store for 20 percent off. Well, this was significant. I mean, wow. That turned out to be hundreds of dollars. So, December 8th, 2003 we entered a Christmas season Valley Faire and navigated through the crowds to the RH wherein we waited nigh on 2 hours to go through all the rigamarole for ordering our new leather friend. All over the country this two-day, 20 percent off storewide sale was going on and other clever people who had saved their wedding gift certificates and money from June had also decided to finally buy that Buster Chair. So they were somewhat back-ordered. Thus we waited and while doing so ran into Mark Burnham, pastor, co-worker, boss and buddy while he was playing Santa, but were then interrupted by our RH representative so we could complete the deal.

And complete it we did. On the morning of January 8th, a 40 pound 36” chair was delivered through the garage canal of 25 Cherry Blossom Lane and now resides across from the fireplace and next to the shabby chic cabinet built by Mexico Mission Trip Foreman Tom “Bear” Martin for Jane on the occasion of the aforementioned nuptials to yours truly. Eight days later, the chair’s baby brother, Ottoman, arrived to the fanfare of me and Spongebob Squarepants.

One final point: I like the chair. So does Jane. So do the kids. So do J.K Rowling, Dallas Willard, Stanley Hauerwas, Steve Jobs, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. All fine folks whose books or laptops I have enjoyed the company of in the chair. I’m not sure how much Jesus would approve of such a chair so his name did not appear on the booklist, but I mention him now knowing he would like sitting in it at least. But Buster Chairs are easy to come by in the heavenly realms.

One truly final note. Thank you again to everyone who came to the wedding, it was a great time. Thank you for the overwhelming gifts, not just the chair-related ones. We treasure your friendship more than things of course, but I sure do prefer sitting in the chair to sitting on you.


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