Amidst Showering and Washing Clothes, Here Are More Details

After the Vatican Museum yesterday, we cruised back over to St. Peter's Basilica. Yes, the Sistine Chapel is right next to St. Peter's, but if you have an audioguide and they have your driver's license, you must walk back to where you started. In the massive basilica we took a peek at Michelangelo's Pieta and managed to find our way underneath to walk past Pope John Paul II's newly finished tomb.

Inside the basilica, I noticed a beam of sunlight streaming in from a high window. I had Jane take pictures of me standing in the light, receiving the Lord's favor. It was an interesting enough idea for other people to follow my lead and others started taking the same picture. Who needs holy relics when you can make your own light show.

Following St. Peter's, we cruised on past the Castel San Angelo, along the Tiber and then crossed over in the direction of Piazza Navona. At this, a very large and popular gathering spot Erin found us an Enoteca where we all had pizza and beer. Sooo, italian. The Rick Steve's nightwalk through Rome to Gelato and the Spanish Steps followed. Giolotti's was tight as ever (having been previously visited by Jane and I in 2003), but the locals received a dollop of whipped cream which we did not :(.

At the Trevi Fountain, we enjoyed the unusual scenery of a very pretty and unusual fountain until a flower seller scammed us for a euro and change. Don't shake anyone's hand or ever hold their goods! Duh. Sometimes you just get tired and foolishly take people at their word.

After such embarassing moments, it's difficult to find your way I got us mildly lost. This lostness plopped us onto the Via del Corso for the nightly Dolce Vita stroll with 20,000 other people. Just around and after sunset, the Romans like to cut off traffic to this main drag and do the "see and be seen" scene. Shopping is so interesting at this time of day that a line of people formed outside of Diesel just to get in to the store.

The spanish steps were just as bustling as everywhere else, so we took a few pictures, got me some McDonald's coffee and headed into the most perilous part of our day. Perilous because I spent 20 minutes waiting to get a metro ticket...and then it became even more perilous. At a busy intersection near the train station, I rushed the girls across the street because once we were in the street I noticed a bus turning right into us. Jane stumbled and fell and stayed mad (understandably) for an hour. Unfortunately for Jane, it was a very funny fall, one of those slow-motion moments where you just keep stumbling for ten seconds before you actually go down. With some wafers, brie and bread in our bellies, we then fell asleep.


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