Arrividerci Italia

Lesson 1: Please check your train schedules one day before departing for obscure towns in Austria.

We failed lesson 1 and are waiting 6 hours for the next train to take us to Verona, where we'll meet another train to meet another train to take us to Lienz, Austria, small city neighbor of our final destination: Dolsach.

Venice is cold and foggy and we wore pretty much everything we brought to keep from dying. The cold caused a lack of interest in Gondolas and gondoliers from the ladies so the romance was less exciting in Venice than everyone might have hoped.

On the other hand, we happened upon the Peggy Guggenheim museum and saw some picassos and a magritte original that Jane has a print of in her office. I bought her the print and we happened upon the original. Cool.

The girls still alternate each day, one being grumpy one morning, the other the next. Food and caffelattes are the secret to my happiness.

Jane says hi, and if Erin were to have me write "hi," she would then not want me to read it as she never wants me to peer over her shoulder. She should know by now I'm nosy.

If you ever find yourself in Venice, Osteria al Portego is a tight little eatery a few blocks from the Rialto bridge...



Erik said…
Sounds like a blast. Especially the freezing cold and an annoyed Bolhorst woman everyday! (At least they're alternating!!!) You should bring three with you next trip!!! Mrs. B might enjoy the gondola with you, even if it is cold!

So, which is better: oppresive humidity or bitter cold? And when would be the ideal time to travel?

So many questions. Keep on having a good time and I look forward to your return.
Jenn said…
Tell me more about these "caffelattes." Do they flow from fountains? Are they bottled like Coke? Do they pour from shower heads? I might need to visit this "Venice" place.

Is there a Starbucks?

I personally miss you all terribly (tell the mute Erin that means her too!) My only solace is that you will be back this weekend.

I agree with Erik - Mrs. B needs to make the next trip!

Love you - Jenn
Mom and Dad B. said…
Hi to all. Sounds like a fun time except for the freezing cold. Steve, we are so glad you found the solution to the Bolhorst women's morning grumpiness!

We are waiting for an update. Look forward to seeing you in a few days.

Love, Mom and Dad B.
erik said…
They're definintely not going to win a Pulitzer for their account of this year's trip! I feel like we was robbed by not getting updates and feeling as though we were there with them. [As I write this I realize that the rest of their friends are probably getting daily updates by email and are now reading this and laughing at me because I have not been getting emails. So sad.]

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