Movin' On Up

Two and a half years late, I've finally moved this blog over to our domain name. No more linking through several pages. No more disappointment of looking at the old site. Carlo's files remain on the server hidden from view. If you go here you might still have a chance at exploring his first foray into html.

This week we'll be leaving again for Europe for a replay of our honeymoon with one kink...we're bringing Erin along. Thus, it won't be like a honeymoon. But the places we'll visit might be similar.

Feel free to check in on us.


Erik said…
Dude and dudettes -- I hope that you're having a wonderful time so far and I expect many thorough updates. Details, details, details!
Erik said…
Still waiting for a post from you guys. I hope you made it to Europe!
steve mcfarland said…
attention jane, this should work:

Steve McFarland
200 Water St.
Room 1414A
New York, New York 10038

...hope all is well thus far! yayyyy europe!

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