Blog Shows Signs of Life After Years of Neglect

Back in August 2007, Jane and I hiked a "trial run" of 62 miles between Echo Lake and Old Highway 40 along the Pacific Crest Trail. The photo to the right was taken just before we started walking. I forgot to charge the camera batteries before we left so this is all we've got. That's Echo Lake behind us. In the coming weeks, we will resuscitate this blog to record the true (ish) stories of our full blown thru-hike on the PCT this Spring and Summer. Before we leave, I'll probably talk about lots of gear and other silly, but important things.


kgn said…
maybe blogs, like tarantulas, can go into a sort of hibernation and live without food or water for many months. anyhoo, i ask for details about the hike and BLAM, you've revived your blog. i feel so, so powerful...mua ha ha. i will now be checking for updates with ocd inspired regularity. please do us proud and hike the whole trail, unlike bill bryson, and don't die. i miss youse guys.

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