Congratulations Fainers!

To Lea & Ian Fainer, David Harrison Fainer was born just before 6 a.m. today. As his grandfather, David C. Fainer, said about the first few minutes of life for young David H., "he weighed 7 pounds at birth and then promptly and lost 4 ounces." He's healthy, and that's what counts. A picture will be posted once we get one ourselves :) Congratulations Lea (& Ian), you did it! We are a very proud aunt and uncle.

To Jane & Steve Fainer, the first 100 miles of the PCT was completed around 4 p.m. today. We now must repeat this feat 25 and a half more times. Whoopee!

After completing this outstanding feat, we took to competing for the title "Best Aunt or Uncle." As the true blood relative, I decided that such a title could be bestowed through the playing of Rummy and Yahtzee. Two games of Rummy and three games of Yahtzee later, Jane was crowned by a huge margin, "Best Aunt." Her duties begin in 6 months.

In the ongoing saga of close brothers insulting one another, I must say that if Ian can sire a son, we can finish the PCT.


Erik said…
Congratulations are in order all around! Nice work. Keep enjoying your vacation.
kgn said…
jane and steve kick butt!

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