Day 1 Ends With Royal Treatment

20.6 miles - check.
Sore feet, shoulders, and hips - check.
Bellies full of papa Fainer's delicious tacos - check.
Too tired to tell you anything else - check!

Except that the Fainer parents are wonderful for getting up early to
drop us off and wait for us to arrive tonight with hot dinner in hand.
Also Megan, only hawks and crows today, so nothing too exciting. But
this is rattle snake country so stay tuned for other wildlife updates.

You can see Steve's tired face below as proof of our exhaustion.


David said…
Glad to hear you guys survived day 1. Tanya and I have been thinking about you guys; hoping everything is going well. The Fainer tacos sounds mighty delicious...20.6 miles of hiking; not so much.
lukemwills said…
I'm so happy and excited for you guys, and glad you made it through the first leg! Both of you will be in my thoughts a lot over the next few months––I look forward to keeping updated on your journey!
Megan said…
i miss you guys already!
david s wills said…
steve's tired face > steve's sick face

glad you're on the trail at last! kent & I talked about you guys sometime today. he says he's been up thinking about you two the past coupla nights. I myself have been sleeping and not caring about you two.

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