Day Two Highlights

Starting at 9 am makes 13 miles feel like twenty.

Met three other hikers today: Sedgie from Spain, Bill from Chicago &
So Far who just finished biking from Florida to Long Beach. So Far is
a trailname (asin so farso good) and clearly this trail brings out the

Fiest night in new tent. I dropped a rock on Jane's foot while
pitching it and it was the only time I got yelled at all day. Today
was brutal, but Jane was more upbeat than me.

Also Erik, Jane says thank you for all the great music - it has helped
her climb over 3,500 feet in mountains in two days.


Anonymous said…
sedgie from spain?

more like wedgie from my crotch

I am too embarrassed about this comment to tell you who I am
Erik said…
I'm so glad that the mix is being used by Jane! So happy. I'll keep getting ready for the next one.

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