Days 4 & 5

From mt. Laguna, we decided to kill ourselves with another twenty-
miler to Chariot canyon and when we arrived... No water.

So I left Jane to play house and set up camp while I played hunter
gatherer and went down river to search for running springs. Half a
mile away was my reward: sweet nectar of life complete with floaties.

Back at camp, Jane set up the tent and made our little house a home
filled with sleeping bags and dirt. Dinner was a glorious combination
of idahoan potatoes (instant of course) and trader joe's Indian
vegetables. It was an inspired meal meant for kings, but we ate instead.

And then there was today. 14 miles plus a 12 mile hitch to Julian (our
first hitch hike of the trail!). The sun beat down upon us as we
descended into desert country. And Chad, with the socal surfer accent
that only goes with people named Chad, was our savior on the side of
highway 78.

But let's not forget all those miles almost didn't happen because I
lost Jane ten minutes into our morning. Well, actually, she just
missed the trail junction and kept going uphillpn the road we were
traveling. I left camp a few minutes after Jane and yelled to her from
the trail junction and had to assume she went left. Ten more minutes
of hiking netted me no sighting of her so I put down my pack and ran
back to where the trail split. Fifty yards from the junction I hear a
timid holler for me. Reunited and it felt so good.

Then we hiked those infuriating 14 miles, got to this quaint little
tourist stop, and enjoyed walking the main drag in our rain pants (the
only other pants we have).

The next few days will be even more waterless than the last five. Next
stop - 109 miles.

Finally, for the bird watchers out there, the other day I kept seeing
these amazing hummingbirds. All i wanted to do was ifenrify them.
Today at the world famous birding store in Julian I discovered those
little guys were just giant sphinx moths. Those were some big bugs!


Erik said…
The story about your separation in the wild is great! I felt like I was there and I'm glad you found one another. This next stretch will be a longer one and I can't wait to hear about it. Keep up the good work.
David said…
Sounds like you guys may need to adopt the buddy system out there in the the sticks.
K said…
I can only imagine the days when you get separated and relunctantly find each other. :) Not the Fainers! Keep it up BITCHES, we are all watching!
patty r said…
Remember what your mother told you.??...STAY TOGETHER !! Less worry for you and me!!! love, Mom
swills said…
giant sphinx moths are certainly deceitful insects, but I usually confuse them with your face and not hummingbirds

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