God Bless America

Friends of Erik Khoobyarian, have you ever wanted a collectible art
piece commemorating Erik's two greatest loves - photos of Jane and
Symbols of America? Well, look no further. This beautiful photo of
Jane in the clutches of Eagle Rock can be yours for a limited time.

Paypal $29.95 to fainer(at)gmail.com and this historical piece of
Khooby memorabilia might just be yours. There is no money back

Eagle Rock lies along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail at mile
106 and Jane "Caterpillar" Fainer is a friend of Mr. Khoobyarian.


Erik said…
That's amazing! That would be worth the hike for me! I'm just wondering, can I order a print with just the rock?

Hahahahaha! That will get me in trouble, no doubt. That's fantastic. Although I'm blushing with the number of times my name appears in the last two posts of the blog.
blgidney said…
For a minute there I thought erik had met you on the trail and taken that picture. I too had a 100 mile, mile stone but mine was in one day and required only about 1.5 gallons of gas in the foot hills of placerville. Keep up the good work you too.

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