A Lesson in Not Counting Your Chickens

Friday, April 11th (the big day) came and with it a horrible stomach flu for Steve.  So the high school group dropped us off at the Best Western in San Diego about 5 miles from the Mexico border to allow Steve to sleep and rest before starting the hike (for Mexico aficionados, we're near the famous Carl's Jr. on Dairy Mart Road).

Steve's parents, who were planning on meeting us at our first stop 20 miles in, changed plans and met us here to provide us with some company and a ride to the trail.  

Steve has slept A LOT and is now feeling much better, but we decided to take one more day to re-coup.  We do have to walk 20 miles the first day after all and don't want him getting sick again.

So mark your calendars, the big hike now starts on Sunday, April 13th.

By the way, Mexico was awesome and all three houses were built and completed, even though they were the hardest job sites/locations we've ever worked on.  And the 11 freshman girls ROCK!  We'll post a link to pictures at Erik's flickr soon.

Much love,


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