Road Trip

Today we recovered and drove out with mom to find the trailhead. The
wind was howling and the temperature was pleasant for 2 pm. You can
see the border fence behind us in the picture. While at the trailhead
we met a minuteman. He was nice to us white folk.

We leave at 4 am tomorrow for the real drive out and drop-off. This
sabbath was definitely the smarter way to go, whether I got sick or
not. Basically, we're lucky I felt terrible yesterday.

And yes, the kids made it home this afternoon. We miss them already.


David said…
this is a great picture. seeing 2,627 miles on the post is insane! makes me feel quite lazy sitting in my office chair so i am going to get up and make the 30 foot walk to the coffee hope you guys are having fun. we miss you.

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