A Room With a View

21+ miles today mostly above 7000 ft. Can you say tired?

Jane will be retelling our last few days tomorrow, I think. But I
wanted you to see what our little wind-buffeted home away from home
looks like from our view. Technology does not allow you to experience
the aroma of our tent and you should get down on your knees and thank
Jesus for that!

It's mostly Caterpillar.

We'll be in Big Bear after tonight. Food (and showers)!!!!


Erik said…
Can you post some photos from the trail? Maybe just one or two so that we can get an idea of the terrain? So Far has some good ones, but they're from the first part of the trail.

Sounds like things are going well from this leg. The view from your tent is ... interesting ... but not as interesting as your representation of the smell.

This is about the most boring comment I've ever left anywhere. In reality I'm more exciting/excited than my words convey.
the nickname "caterpillar" has never before seemed so appropriate as now, as I gaze upon the two in your sleeping bags.

red and green? a certifiable christmas caterpillar couple
carlo said…
i second the request for pictures from the trail.
TonyP said…
Ahhh, all the luxuries of home. If home is a rock...
Keep up the good work you guys!

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