They call me Dr. Steve

Good morning how are you, I'm Dr. Steve. I'm interested in feet. I'm
not a real doctor but I am a real Steve. I am an actual Steve. I look
like a Steve.

I like to fix blisters, I think I'm getting good but I can handle
criticism. I'll show this picture of Jane's feet and you can tell me
if you think I'm getting better with blisters.*

*sung to the tune of "Dr. Worm" by They Might Be Giants.

We're onto Warner Springs next. The next time we blog we will be a
proud aunt and uncle. Please pray for Ian and Lea, as well as baby
Fainer, who should be coming into the world sometime today!


Erik said…
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Erik said…
Everyone missed the Dr. Worm song this year on the MT. By everyone I mean the sophomore boys. Jane's feet look so nice! I am impressed. And the clean duct tape on them further my belief that this entire hike is really a ruse and that you are actually at a spa somewhere enjoying the luxuries of the world. That's okay, though, I support you fully.

Oh, and hooray for Ian & Lea! Can't wait to hear the good news when it happens.
Erin said…
I am SO jealous that you guys get to have a nephew!
Swillsy-poo said…
who are you, carlo?
Wii PLZ said…
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Tom said…
I miss you two!
That's pretty much it.
Emily said…
^i support the sentiment of "<3!!!"

it's good to hear from you guys! mexico meetings are a little lonely without the fainers.
It's been really fun hiking with you both! The PCT is such an interesting place ... you meet all kinds of people.

I'll be praying for you, as I know you are also praying for me.

Happy Trails!

"So Far"
Stephen Fosdick
Salem, Oregon

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