To our readers in Salina, Kansas

Staying at a cozy inn (the Mt. Laguna Lodge), Steve and Jane enjoy one
of Aunt Diane's favorites, a "red beer"* - tomato juice and beer. For
you coastal dwellers, Steve likens the red beer to a beverage mullet -
the veggies take care of business and the bubbles bring the party.
*Warning: this beverage, like a mullet, can only be responsibly used
by an adult!

After hiking 11 miles uphill and reaching our highest elevation thus
far (over 6,000 feet), we have parked ourselves in room 18 to enjoy
the finest wood paneling $59 can buy.

Happy 1st day of work, Erik (and Tom too)!!


Erik said…
Thanks for the shout out. The first day of work was great. I went to dinner tonight with Kaiser and Erin (Brian was in class). I won't tell you what Erin said about hanging out with me. :)
Erik said…
Oh, also they drink Red Beer in Stockton. I've always been repulsed by it and I'm a bit surprised that Steve is a fan. But that's great that he's enjoying it.
Jenn/Momma said…
I've had a Red Beer. Make your judgments.

Steve already looks like a mountain man.
Evann the Magestic said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
minghao said…
scraggly much?

hott, yo.

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