We love the Idyllwild Inn and Mama Fainer

Yesterday, my mom picks us up at mile 151 and drives us to Idyllwild
which is normally off the trail at mile 178. But between 151 & 178 is
treacherous snow. We thought if she brought us ice axes and if we
bought crampons, maybe we'd go today. No dice. Conversations with
other thru-hikers have led us to skip to mile 190 this morning and
come back when the icy dangers are vanquished by sunlight.

How will we get back here? Oh you know, we'll somehow convince Martha
to drive our Honda to the southern edge


dswills said…
...of the world
So Far said…
It's a good thing you have a trail name ... I was going to suggest "daddy longlegs" ... I think I like the one you have better!

So Far

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