Wind = Bad

We just spent a miserable night at Combs' Peak at mile 129. The wind
walloped our tent so now there's a week worth of Mexico dust on the
inside of our little home.

I turned on the iPhone to check the PA primary. Apparently, you all
are buying too much rice in Silicon Valley. Just eat Ramen. You can
hike 20 miles a day off that stuff!

My hands are icicles. Bye bye.


Jenn/Momma said…
Annika is afraid of the wind.

Keep warm!
Anonymous said…
I hope you brought your ski goggles for days like this?Keep on Truckin!Mike Moore
Erik said…
I can't believe that you logged on to check the primary results! I still can't figure out why you care about it so much ... I'm supposed to be the politically-minded one and I simply don't care any more. But I forget that you're used to having lots of time to read lots of news. Anyway, the Sharks' victory last night was far more important event.

Good luck as you brave the elements during your long stretch.

Gareth said…
Also more important than the primaries: Fletcher and I saw Man Man tonight and they played Engrish Bwudd!
Anonymous said…
Not to make my first comment a nag, but can we get some full-content RSS up in here? I think it's a setting in your admin panel or something...


and @erik: that's because you love hilary and hate people's engagement with the political process.
Erik said…
Oh McFarland, welcome to the party! I've been wondering where you've been. I'll tell you what, this primary fight has been an absolute field-day for us R's to watch from the sidelines. Absolutely pleasant. :)

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