Zero Day

And on the ninth day, God said, "You should not hike at all today,"
and God looked at the hikers in their restful repose and saw that it
was very good. And there was setting and there was rising; zero day.

We arrived in Warner Springs yesterday with So Far and decided after
twenty minutes we would also take today off. So Far kept going, but
not before gathering a group of 11 thru-hikers for dinner last night.
It was quite a feast with Argentina, Indiana Red, Slo-jo, The Leisure
Society (Ryan, Eric, and Wolf's Paw), Pat the writer, Hiker Bob,
Minda, So Far, myself and Caterpillar.

Ah yes, Caterpillar. Once upon a time Jane, Steve and So Far were
hiking along and several times we saw puffy green and black
caterpillars (possibly the larvae of my friends, the sphinx moths). At
the end of that long Saturday on which a certain young babe was born,
Jane donned her down jacket to shed the bone-chilling wind that rushed
down canyon at our campsite. Her puffy black jacket and green pants
led So Far to remark, "Hey, you look like those caterpillars. That
should be your trail name."

Well, Jane was apprehensive at first, but since my trailnames for her
had been Stinkbug or Snotrocket, she had little option. The next day,
So Far had the humorous habit of introducing us as "Steve and his
lovely wife, Caterpillar."

Now that you know, feel free to address her appropriately.

Back to Warner Springs: This is a great little private resort that
treats hikers really well and should be a consideration for anyone who
likes rustic cabins mixed with plenty of fun amenities including
natural hot springs in which to soak one's weary bones.

Oh and finally, that picture. It's a very good thing we took a zero
today because my mom sent us re-supply packages to feed a whole family
of bears and some reading material. I already finished the Two Old
Women, a short novel about the determination of the human spirit in
pre-columbian Alaska, as well as a huge bag of Juji Fruits that you
see above. My mom's love vastly overestimated what we can carry so
we're eating lots of candy and other goodies today.

Now we must go perfect our shuffle board playing skills. Good day!


Erik said…
I love Jane's trail name! It is so perfect and has such a nice ring to it. So Far is my favorite person hiking the PCT today (I can say that since you guys are zero-ing today).

Enjoy the R&R before your long stretch starting tomorrow!

Oh, the font on the cover of that book looks an awful lot like papyrus to me. Maybe not, but it does resemble it. You-know-who might get upset.

David said…
Two Thoughts:
1. Caterpillar=good... Snotrocket=great. Sorry but I am still a 13 year old on the inside.

2. I think pictures of So Far and the gang of rugged hikers is a must. Not because I really want to see them, but because I want to make sure you and Caterpillar are not losing your minds and making up people who don't actually exist.
Carlo said…
in the final season of The OC, Summer was called Caterpillar by her granola-eating activist friend Che.

i felt like i had to write that just because i knew it... now to crawl back into my hole and wait until i can make another OC reference...


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