Braving snow with Tarzan and Zelda

After days of fattening up in Wrightwood , we're finally on our way to
the top of mt. Baden-Powell and beyond. We're getting a ride with
White Buffalo.

Happy Mother's Day Moms!


Shell said…
I really miss both of you. We are having the reading group i am leading in your house, and it just makes me think of yall so much. I walked in and just wished you would pop out and go "SURPRISE SHELLSY!"

Youth group is fun. Tom and Erik are really doing well, but it's just not the same without you guys.

It seems like you guys are having a great trip thus far. I hope we can join you soon!
patty r said…
I'm so lucky to be Landshark's mom, and caterpillar's mom-in-law..Thanks for the special mom's day post, including Tarzan and Zelda,too! BE safe together!!!
Tanya said…
We missed you guys at dinner last night for Mother's Day...but we got a kick out of talking about your blog and about all of your great stories!

Caterpillar...your email to me with details on going to the bathroom out there, has been requested by the family, so I'm passing it along because it's such GREAT detailed information!

Stay safe, warm and keep up the great work! We miss you both!

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