Hiker Heaven to Casa de Luna

Friday - 23 HOT miles

Our alarm rang at 4:45 am and we were on the road a little after 5. We
could feel the heat as soon as we walked out of the trailer.
Fortunately, as previously mentioned, our packs were light because
most of our gear was waiting for us at the Anderson's.

We hiked over the two big passes we needed to get over, and by noon we
had gone 16 miles, plus the one from Hiker Heaven to the trail. We
were trying to bust it out before the heat really hit!

At noon we reached "the Oasis" - the Anderson's water cache, plus
some. As you can see from the picture, the Andersons don't do
anything without flair. We hung out here for the afternoon, trying to
escape the heat, with Cactus and Blackfoot (as seen in this picture),
as well as Indiana Red and Slo Jo.

At 4 pm we set off for the trail again to tackle the last 8 miles
before being picked up by Terry and taken to her home. As a wise
person once said, the Saufley's are corporate efficiency and the
Anderson's are hippy daycare, and it's true.

We enjoyed taco salad, which Terry makes every night for the hikers,
and good company. There were 9 hikers there, as well as Basil who
hiked in 2007 and Doug, a neighbor who is quite... jolly. It was a fun
night, but we were exhausted from our long day so we headed to bed
under the Manzanita trees in the backyard.

In the morning, Terry made pancakes for everyone and we met her
husband Joe, who was working late last night. Joe is a character!!
They told us their story of how they became trail angels and the
laughs kept coming. We were having such a nice time that Cactus,
Blackfoot, LandShark and I didn't get back on the trail until 10 this

However we knew it was only 8 miles to Lake Hughes, so we hiked fast
and arrived at the Rock Inn for lunch a little after 1 pm.

The four of us are going to wait out the heat until about 5 and then
head back out, with plans for our first night hiking!


Anonymous said…
Ooh. Night hiking. Can't wait to hear how that goes!
Erin said…
So You Think You Can Dance starts on Thursday. I will miss you guys <3
Jenn/Momma said…
A Night Hike? Jesus Christ! (Sorry Steve).

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