What All Of You Wish Would Happen

It's Steve & Jane with a Fainer baby! Don't get your hopes up folks. Little David Harrison Fainer finally had the honor of meeting his fine Aunt and Uncle over Memorial Day Weekend in Santa Barbara.

Jane and I were planning on leaving the trail this Friday or Saturday for nearly a week to let the snow melt and get some rest, but I was burnt out after the heat, wind and rain/thunder so we came home this past Saturday. We knew Ian & Lea would also be in town so it was perfect.

The hardest thing was saying goodbye to Cactus and Blackfoot who trudged on and will skip ahead north of the Sierras the middle of next week. They will then hike to Canada and return to the Sierras by hiking South from Tahoe. In this way, they will finish atop Mt. Whitney. Blackfoot hiked the AT and that trail goes from Spring Mountain to Mt. Katahdin. He likes ending things on mountaintops. We like ending things with bureaucratic red tape, that is, post-9/11 international borders.

Tomorrow, back to the trail to meet a whole new herd of people.


kgn said…
SERiously! cutie, but what did you do to make him cry?? hope you had a nice, relaxing time...miss you!

(also, what makes me a spy? and my name is nixon)
Tanya said…
VERY CUTE!! What a blessing for you guys to be able to meet David for the first time! What a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the holiday!
Jenn/Momma said…
Why don't you pansies have a baby already?
Amanda said…
too bad me and maddy weren't there to see little fainer cry too. good times, good times. Hope you guys have an easy way the rest of the way, i also hope i dont jinx that

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