A Wonderful Visit with Good Friends

The night hiking was successful - it was cool(er), we didn't see any
mojave green snakes and we made it to Lancaster by midnight.

We spent the night on the porch of Hikertown - a funky little hostel
of sorts - and our friend Joe picked us up in the morning. Joe and Mel
were kind enough to offer their hospitality to Cactus and Blackfoot as
well, so they came along.

We enjoyed a lovely visit with showers, homemade dinner and a rousing
game of Trivial Pursuit.

Today, Joe ditched work to hang out with us and we enjoyed a day of
not hiking in the brutal heat. We had a wonderful dinner at
Souplantation (a Fresh Choice type place) and are about to head back
out for more night hiking. As you can see from the picture, Mia (Joe
and Mel's 3 year old daughter) is ready to go hiking with us. She has
Steve's hiking poles, Blackfoot's bandana, Cactus' shoes and my
backpack... just kidding. .

We are shooting for 16 miles tonight, which is where a bridge is
located - one of the only shady places along this next stretch.
Tomorrow we will take cover under the bridge until the evening.

Only 40 miles till Mojave!


Erik said…
I hope you continue to not encounter the green snakes. I'm glad you had a fun little respite with friends in Lancaster. This trip is turning into lots of little one-day vacations with long hiking days (or nights!) in between. Have a good trek!
Cameron said…
hey homeskillets, i need the parent-fainer's address to send those shuffles down…email it to me?

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