5 on 6.7.8

Five years ago today, Steve was donning his Converse and I was
slipping on my flip flops for a day of marriage, Mexican food abd

We celebrated five years of wedded bliss yesterday with a visit to the
Lone Pine Film History Museum, a drive around the Alabama Hills (where
this picture was taken), and by taking Patty out for a wonderful
dinner at Seasons restaurant.

This morning, during breakfast with Tarzan and Zelda, we talked Patty
into hiking the next 40 miles with us.

We are heading back to the trail now, and will continue the
celebration tonight with Ramen, fresh mountain filtered water and
camping :)


dswills said…
carlo said…

is that what you crazy kids are calling it these days? ;)

aaaanyway, happy anniversary! i was planning to send my traditional e-mail to you this morning, but i got distracted by wikipedia and facebook... stinkin' internet box
m swills said…
I remember that wedding. Great times on the ol' Growing FootPrints playground! We'll be thinking of you tomorrow as we enjoy yet another church picnic.

And that baby David ... almost as cute as mine.
Erin said…
5 on 6.7.8. That's so cool! Happy Anniversary.
TonyP said…
I'll totally wear my Fainer wedding converse sometime this week and think of you!
Cory said…
Wow, five years....I wish you a safe and memorable (think you have that covered) celebration.
Anonymous said…
Yahoo! Steve, if the fifth year is the the dirt anniversary your doing very well.
Jacqi and I are very happy for you both.

Tanya said…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Although, I think we all wish it was BABY in 5 years but we'll settle for great PCT stories and accomplishments!Love you guys!
David said…
Happy Anniversary you crazy kids. Sorry I am late..but it should be comforting to know that while you have been away not too much has changed. :)

Our anniversary is coming up soon as well and funny enough we will be heading to Steve's ol' stomping grounds. Spending a few days in the SB. Shoot me an email if you get a chance and let me know of some places we should eat and things we should make sure we do.

Love you both. Be safe...and sexy?

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