Day 1 - Glen Pass to Rae Lakes

The scenery is so beautiful, a picture every day is our new goal.

Jane shot this lakeside at lower Rae Lakes and the far ridge lit by
the sun is Glen Pass which we came over today. The snow on the side
you see made for a fun traverse and some delightful glissades. Only
fourteen miles today but we are all BEAT!

Fortunately, the $5 footlongs from Subway we carried up became more
delicious than anything normally offered by Subway. Appetite and
altitude should figure into the marketing strategy of Jared's favorite
food emporium.


TonyP said…
On behalf of the Sandertos and the Hakes - who convened last night on the topic of where the hell you two had been for the last few days - I can say we're very glad to see you resurface.

Super tight photo!
John Knotts said…

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