Day 10 - Reds Meadow to Island Pass

Because the first of the three buses we needed to take to get back to
the trail didn't start running until 9 am, we were able to have one
last breakfast with Tarzan and Zelda before saying goodbye (they are
spending two zeros in Mammoth while we are headed out to make it to

After we left town, we had a huge bus line to wait in because many
many tourists wanted to go down to see the Devil's Postpile National
Monument, and they have to take the same bus we do. After this and
stopping in the Mule House Cafe to satisfy our craving for chocolate
milkshakes, we didnt get on the trail until noon.

It was hot, we were full of milkshakes and it was slow moving. But we
eventually hit a good pace and were able to get our 16 miles that we
wanted done.

As you can tell from this sultry picture of Thousand Island Lake, the
smoke from the 800 fires in California is still affecting the air out

And one last note, while we did camp just below Island Pass, this is
not one of "the" JMT passes. Don't ask me why. But we have just one
more to go -Donahue - which we will tackle in the morning.


Shell said…
Janey Fainey,
I have to tell you that I really miss you. It's So You Think You Can Dance season and I keep on trying to figure out who you would love. I have decided that you wouldn't have liked the girl who just got kicked off, because she was slightly slutty.

I miss you too Steve, don't worry.

I hope to see you guys when you come back...
erics4 said…
how cute - your first comment spam from "berto xxx"... :(

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