Day 2 - Rae Lakes to Twin Lakes

The adventure began a mile down the trail when Jane realized she left
her toe socks behind. I told her it would be a forty minute roundtrip
but she loves those cozy socks and went back for them. Exactly 43
minutes later (20 there, 3 to look around camp, and 20 back), she

Several miles later, it was my turn to waste time. Following the wrong
trail at a swift and deep stream crossing, I led us around rockslides
next to the raging waters. Periodic disagreements about why we were
going this way also slowed our progress. I had a good sense where the
trail should be and after a while we found it.

Not long after discovering the trail, I let Jane go ahead so I could
"make water" as a certain author puts it. I saw her down the trail and
took off to catch up. As it happened, she took a potty break for a
moment as well, but I didn't see her, and the trail kept bending so I
couldn't get a clear view of what was in front. A half hour of stream
crossings at a quick pace (trying to catch up but wondering, where is
she?) led me to the bridge in the picture over Woods creek - which is
referred to as the "Golden Gate of the Sierras." Tarzan & Zelda were
there but Jane was not. Yikes. I was mildly panicked but gave her ten
minutes just in case nothing was wrong. As you can see from the
picture, she made it. However during this time of separation, she
didvmanage to slip and fall, putting a hole in her pants and an 8 inch
scratch on her leg, which has been lovingly surrounded by bruises. But
really, she's fine.

We spent a long lunch creekside before tackling a steep (and as Jane
would say, horrendous) five mile climb to Twin Lakes where we camped
with Tarzan, Zelda and 100,000 mosquitos. It's hard to eat dinner with
a head net on! Two or three years ago, T&Z had a bear steal 8 days of
food from them in this very campsite. We're all carrying the
canisters though so it shouldn't be a problem...


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