Day 3 - Pinchot Pass

Note - the wifi didn't work long at VVR. We are now in Mammoth and
will work on posting the rest today.

We left around 7 am from Twin Lakes to hit Pinchot Pass in the
morning, but still give the sun some time to soften up the snow. We
saw 5 deer eating along the trail as we got going, and tried to get
close enough to take pictures, but not so close as to make the bucks
want to hurt us.

Pinchot was a pretty typical pass - snow, footprints, rock climbing,
etc. It wore us out.

The next pass, Mather, is only 10 miles away and we didn't really want
to do two passes in one day, plus we had heard Mather was the scariest
and didn't want to deal with the soft, slippery snow, so we got to
camp around 3:30. As a result, LandShark and Tarzan enjoyed their free
time by playing "let's try to break the snow bridge over the creek
with rocks." Tarzan was victorious by breaking off the largest chunk
of ice into the stream.

This picture was taken about 5 minutes before we got to camp. There
are so many beautiful rivers, streams, waterfalls, and lakes.


Anonymous said…
A week or two ago there was a big 'ol 6 point buck in my back yard at like 1 am eating our plants. He was awesome!
This comment was totally useless and serves no point other then to share the experience of deer with you, while not actually sharing the experience with you.


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