Day 5 - Muir Pass and Evolution Creek

There is a saying I have repeated over and over on this trail - "John
Muir was a masochist." Today, John Muir kicked it up a notch.

The M in Muir Pass stands for the Most snow. Usually there are patches
we cross to get to the top, but for Muir, we were in snow for hours.
Tarzan & LandShark estimate we walked through six miles of snow. It
was a steady, but steep climb to the top and a steady and fairly
gradual climb down (aka, no glissading for Steve). The way up
included several false summit areas that were disheartening to say the

Once off the snow we reconnected with T & Z for lunch. Zelda was so
grumpy about the snow, she ate a whole instant potato package
(usually, dinner for two!) to feel better.

Today's picture is of the river we crossed! Just not at this point :)
About .2 miles before this, the river was calm, wide and came up to
our mid-thighs. Since this is advertised as being one of the scariest
river crossings of the Sierras, we were lucky.

Today we did 18 miles, and it killed us :)


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