Day 6 - Selden Pass

After days of many hard passes, Selden was an easy one. At just 10,900
feet, there was not too much snow and because we weren't above tree
line, it was green and beautiful, with lots of lakes to enjoy on the
way up. This picture is from the top, looking north to where we were

This was also our last pass before VVR, so we were excited at the
thought of food and showers.

While we planned to meet T&Z for camping, we didn't see the usual
bandana or note to indicate where they were, so we kept going, giving
us a 22 mile day. We ended up climbing the hill that was meant for the
morning, but we were happy to get it over with. It left only 7 miles
downhill in the morning for our long awaited visit to VVR.


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