Day 7 - VVR and Beyond

After hiking down the Bear Ridge trail, crossing the dam, following
the shore to a trail and then to the road, we finally arrived at VVR,
where we enjoyed so much breakfast all the plates wouldn't fit on the
table. Because he is proud of his achievement, Steve wants me to
report what he actually ate - 3 pancakes, 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon,
hashbrowns, 3 pieces of toast, 1 biscuit with gravy, and 1/3 of my
breakfast burrito. This is why we call him the LandShark. Anyone care
to start the wager on the 5 pound pancake challenge coming up?

After $6 showers, $5 laundry and too much food, we said goodbye to T&Z
who were spending the night, and took the 4pm $20 ferry back to the
trail where we set out again.

As you can see, we encountered some river crossings, including this
waterfall (how often do you get to cross a waterfall?!?), and made it
about 2.5 miles from the next pass - Silver. Our campsite had a fire
pit, so we did something we haven't done enough of - had a campfire.
We partly wanted one just to try to keep the mosquitos away. We
enjoyed it so much, we didn't go to bed till after 10 - VERY late for
a thru hiker.


Erik said…
I love this photo of the crossing!
David said…
I agree with Erik. The photo is great.

I, for one, would like to applaud Steve for his voracious appetite. I got 5 bones that says he takes down the 5 lb. pancake without a problem...except maybe a case of diarrhea the rest of the day.

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