Day 8 - Silver Pass

Silver was another easy pass with minimal snow compared to the others.
There was a bit of glissading on the north side - a steep, bumpy shoot
that made for a fun ride.

After descending for a while, we had another big climb with the
pictured lake as the reward - Virginia Lake. Shortly after this
picture was taken, I enjoyed another fall, this time while trying to
rock hop across a low point in the lake. No big injuries - just a sore
hand where I landed awkwardly and a bit wetter clothing than I had
planned on. Basically, I'm a clutz.

We hiked 20 miles, just 3 miles short of Reds Measow, trying to make
tomorrow as close to a zero as possible, since we're not taking a real
one. Another campfire helped with the mosquitos, but didn't last as
late, given the desire to escape them altogether by way of the tent,
and do a bit of reading before bed.


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