Day 9 - Mammoth

Apparently Mammoth is a haven for my namesake - who knew? These big
suckers are all over the sidewalk, some smooshed and smeared - you
really have to watch where you walk.

It was colder than we expected for being at 8,500 feet last night. We
woke up early with thoughts of hot coffee, breakfast, and the first
bed in 8 nights. We were on the trail before 7 and hiked the 3 miles
to the Mule House Cafe in Reds Meadow. After a lovely breakfast with
the coffee we had dreamt of, we took a bus to the Mammoth ski lodge,
and then another bus to the village. On the bus ride we learned that
the Kennedy Meadows fire has blown smoke all the way up here -that's
over 200 trail miles! Apparently it has driven more animals up here
too, including caterpillars... just kidding :)

We are enjoying this little resort town and the good food it offers.
We had plans for Mexican with Tarzan and Zelda tonight and it was
quite good. The other night they were talking about a good place for
pie too and I thought it would be a good idea to have that for
dessert. It wasn't. Too much food and I am over stuffed!

Tomorrow we head out again, next stop - Tuolomne Meadows and from
there, Frrsno for Miss California! We can't wait!


Jenn/Momma said…
I am so excited for Erin & Miss California! I looked at the website, and it's quite obvious that she's the prettiest of them all.
Tanya said…
Hi there Caterpillar/LandShark....sorry I haven't commented recently on your great details of daily adventures. I'm so thankful you have survived the tough hikes, with just minor falls here and there. Keep up the great work and be safe.

BTW...We are SO EXCITED to see you guy in Fresno! In fact I want to take a picture with you two because you guys are ROCKSTARS for what you are accomplishing! ;-)
Cory said…
Last night Greg and I watched "Into the Wild" and thought of you two. We look forward to your much happier ending though! Be safe and enjoy the beauty of the land in your adventures ahead.

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