A Night in the Valley

We rolled in last night a little after 8 and decided we better go find
a camp spot. Camp 4 is the walk-in campground so we headed that way.
The small ranger check-in station was unmanned, so we set out to find
a vacant site. After a quick walk around, it was evident that every
site was taken. But Steve had spotted a site with college girls that
looked like it had room. Since he looks like a bearded mountain man,
he sent me over to ask if we could camp in a corner of their site.

They were a very nice group of girls and were more than happy to share
a corner with us. We asked them how they knew each other, and they
were a Bible study group. Divine intervention! Steve sure can pick 'em!

We sent up our tent and went over to the bar where we opened a bottle
of wine we had purchased in Fresno, and snacked on a brie and fruit
plate, guacamole, and spinach artichoke dip. A perfectly wonderful

Whether it was the lack of sleep we got in Fresno, or the bottle of
wine, we both slept wonderfully.

This morning we found out that the bus we thought ran at 5 pm isn't
actually going today, so we will be hitching back to Tuolomne this
afternoon. For now we are sitting around, enjoying a few more hours of
reading and relaxing before starting the last leg of our journey.


Erik said…
That is such a nice portrait of Steve. And you can see the well-restedness in his eyes.
John Knotts said…
the last leg?
Anonymous said…
Steve doesn't look that creepy.

Greetings fellow thru-hikers! I've been taking several zero days in Oregon, letting some of the fires in N. California get under control and also tending to some loose ends. I'll be taking Amtrak back to Fresno on July 5th so I can hitch-hike back to VVR and continue on the trail. Hope all is well for you!

So Far
Sorry - that was confusing. I meant the last leg of our trip via car/public transportation back to the trail. Don't worry - we're still headed for Canada!

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