On the 5th Night of Camping...

My true love said to me - "you stink!"

Taking four days off from the trail means feeling like a stranger when
you get back on. There was a whole new crop of people, and one old
friend - So Far.

Some heavily advertised trail magic took place at mile 618 on
Saturday. This worked out with our schedule so we were able to enjoy
some lovely french toast courtesy of Frodo and Scout, 2007 hikers.
However because this was such a well known event, many people planned
on attending, and by the time we left at 10:15, there were about 30
hikers there, most of whom we did not know.

We took it easy on this last stretch, doing about 18-19 miles a day.
Nothing else too exciting except that we saw two fighter jets flying
low through the canyons where we were hiking. We have seen more jets
than deer!

This morning we were able to hitch into Onyx, which as you can see
from the picture, is really just a gas station. Here we sit waiting
for the bus to take us to Lake Isabella, where we will enjoy
desperately needed showers.


erics4 said…
But what beautiful scenery to enjoy from just a gas station!

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