Photography Isn't LandShark's Calling

We have made it to Kennedy Meadows! This is significant for several

1. Kennedy Meadows is the place hikers talk about since the very first
day - it is the official beginning of the Sierras and the snow. Plus,
now we get to carry bear canisters and ice axes for 500 miles, BUT
water is much more frequent, so the weight is almost a wash.

2. The PCT is divided into 5 sections and we have now completed one.
We are officially out of Southern California and have moved into
Central California.

3. At mile 702, we can now say we have LESS than 2,000 miles to go!

Our favorite mama Fainer took days off work to come pick us up and
take us to Lone Pine for a little R&R before heading into the big
mountains (Kennedy Meadows doesn't have a hotel). This picture was
taken at Grumpy Bear restaurant where we stopped for lunch before
heading out.

We will try to post pictures of food during our little break, as that
seems to garner the most interest and comments. I guess our dirty legs
are just not that interesting!

P.S. Happy birthday to Cammy!


John Knotts said…
that's great guys, keep up the good work! enjoy the snow! and pray it starts melting up here or you'll need snowshoes... we're still getting a bit of new snow in the mountains here in Oregon.
Cameron said…
i got the card today :) thank you so much. i kind of want to figure out where you guys will be some time and drive out with the kids and have a good ole' time.

and if that doesnt work, can you guys figure out a general timeframe for when you'll be near my grandparents cabin?

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