Welcome to the Sierras

Population: water!, beautiful trees and 10 billion mosquitos.

Patty did great on her 45 mile stretch - the longest hike she's done.
But as Steve told her, we expect it from her. She's a tough lady.

One bit of excitement, last week there was a fire on the trail a few
miles after Kennedy Meadows. The fire was under control, so we were
good to go through. When we walked through on Saturday, we could see
the smoking trees and watched the helicopter pick up firemen from
their staging area. On Sunday, while we were hiking we turn around and
saw lots of smoke. We think the fire may have re-started, but we
haven't heard. Luckily, we were far past it at that point, but
needless to say, once Patty saw the smoke, that was the fastest she
hiked the whole time.

We are now heading back out with Tarzan and Zelda this morning, and in
this next stretch we will hit the highest point of the trail -
Forrester Pass, which is over 13,000 feet. It's all downhill from
there. Haha, yeah right.

Oh, and the bear canisters are in and it's not a wash with the water -
they are HEAVY.


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