180 Miles in 3 Days!

With the help of a car and a bus!

If you haven't heard, California is on fire. And while hikers are
quite spectacular, we still cannot hike through fire. So we are
jumping from Sierra City to Chester.

Just so you don't miss anything, here's an update of the past few

On Saturday, Tony and Laura treated us to brunch before dropping us
off at the trail at 3:30. We were sad to say goodbye, but also a bit
anxious to start cranking out some miles after so much time off with
friends and family. We were able to get 12 miles done by 8 pm and
camped on a saddle with Germanator (a fun-loving, hilarious guy from

The next day we did 23 miles and camped with several other PCT'ers at
a car-camping campsite just outside of Sierra City. Here we met, among
others, Chuck Norris (striking resemblance) and Tigger, a lovely
couple from Florida who took some time off the trail to chauffeur
hikers around the fire. They pile hikers into the back of their seat-
less minivan (as many as 8 hikers with backpacks at a time) and drive
them from the trail to town. They are true angels!

This morning 13 of us went into town for breakfast. Then Accent,
Ridgewalker, and the two if us got a ride to Quincey from Angie, who
was visiting her mom in Sierra City, waiting for her friend, Ricola,
to get in. She was lovely.

After a trip to Safeway for a re-supply, tacos at Taco Bell, and ice
cream at Rite Aid, we boarded the bus to Chester, where we will be
hosted by Cammy's grandparents, who have a cabin up there. We are
surrounded by love.

Here you can see the two of us in the bus, as well as Don't Panic
behind us. There are 9 hikers on this bus and I feel bad for the
regulars - it smells... just a little bit :)


Erik said…
So sad that you've been forced to skip a bit. But good that you've connected with so many people. I can't believe you guys have entered the realm of real Northern California now! Soon you'll be in Oregon! And then Washington! And then Canada! You guys are doing great, keep up the good work and the good spirits and keep on having fun and meeting people and sharing your stories with us and others. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish. It is inspiring and fun.
blgidney said…
good to hear you are safe. I'll keep leaving you updates as I get them concerning the fires on your phone. Stay safe!
Tanya said…
I'm glad you guys are playing it safe and not trying to be to crazy, hiking with all the smoke and fires! Good call! We love you guys...keep up the GREAT work! =)
meryl said…
if you guys were REAL hikers, you'd hike through fire anyway... ;D

glad to see you guys are alright, and making so much progress! come home safely, i miss you guys (:

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