An Amazing Phrase

Spending time with Uncle Doug (seen here in this poor "photobooth" picture with his prized spoon collection) has taught me much about the laundromat trade.

More importantly, I have learned an incredible phrase that maybe you've heard before, but I had not.

That phrase is, "I've got to get my poop in a group."

Figure out what "getting your poop in a group" means, and I think you'll find this a delightful turn of phrase to start using around those in your life who are offended easily by the words you choose.


Cory said…
I love it...going to "get my poop in a group" right now and add this phrase to my favorites!

Its a good one!

Love the field of aromic and calming that would be.

Take care you two......
Ian said…
Lupins you bloody sot, they're LUPINS.
Ted B. said…
Happy to see your recent updates. For some reason we had no updates since about Jul 4.

Good luck & we're thinking of you.

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