Brief Overview of our 90 Miles

Basically, this section was a little harder than we expected - lots of
up and down. We sweat a lot.


We left Burney Falls State Park around 4:30 and didn't make it as far
as Steve wanted. We tried cowboy camping again, but ended up having
Mosquitos swarm around our heads, a giant spider crawl onto our tarp
(Steve could hear his steps and that's how we knew he was there), and
heard footsteps in the trees at night. Neither of us slept well.


Steve wanted to try to hike 30 miles. We made it 24. Hung out with
Miss Potatohead throughout the day.


A marathon of a day. Literally. 26.2 miles. Had a snack at deer creek
and saw a deer. Had lunch at butcherknife creek - didn't see any


Only 22 miles to Mt. Shasta. Went down, then up, then back down.

Find the mountain! We took this picture of Mt. Shasta from the ridge.
We didn't even know it was there for 10 minutes because of the smoke.


John Knotts said…
I've been meaning to ask if you guys have had many good wildlife sightings?!
Tanya said… a while back one of my comments was...that you guys make this hike seem too new comment after reading this post is...YIKE "Mosquitos swarming, giant spiders you can hear crawling, and footsteps in the trees...NO THANK YOU! Now that's some real hiking/camping! Again, with stories like those, you guys are my heros!

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