Fri., July 25 - 17.5 Miles by 1 pm!

After hiking into the night, it was hard to get up by 5 am, but after
a few re-sets of the alarm, we were up and moving by 5:45.

It was town day, and thoughts of showers, laundry, and cold sodas can
really get our legs moving. By 9:30 we had gone 8.5 miles so we were
thinking we could make it into town by lunch.

About 4 miles outside of town we hit a PG&E power generation station
that sits next to a river. Well, the PCT runs over their bridge and
picks up on the other side if the river. The problem - they had closed
the bridge to all traffic, including foot. We looked at the river with
plans to just walk through it, but it was 10 feet deep! We walked
around for a bit - back and forth on the dead-end road we were on and
around the PG&E building, trying to find another way across the water.
We considered just jumping over the fence blocking the bridge, but it
looked damaged in the middle and we didn't want it to collapse on us.
After much inspecting of the map, LandShark decided if we climbed over
the giant water pipe alongside the plant that feeds into the fish
hatchery close by, and then bushwack a quarter mile, we should run
into a road that would connect us to the other side of the river. Good
thing he is so good with maps! We climbed the pipe, walked through
brush and trees and sure enough found a road that lead us straight to
the trail.

Even with our slight hold-up at the bridge, we made it to the highway
that leads into Burney by 1 pm. We had heard this is a hard hitch
since everyone is speeding by at 65 mph. We set up on the side of the
road with a turn-out (to make it easier for someone to pull over) and
I sat down to make a sign. As I finished the "7" for 7 miles, a car
pulled up and offered us a ride. We had a ride within 12 minutes of
getting to the freeway. This is the second time we have gotten a ride
while a sign was being made - I guess that's the trick!

Per Erik's request, we are currently at 3,110 elevation. Because of
this, it is actually quite hot most of the time. The morning we woke
up at Drakesbad, we were at 5,000 in a valley and the cold air settles
at night, so it was rather chilly. In this next stretch, we will go up
to 6,000 again but then slowly drop back down to 2,300, climb back up
to 4,600 and then drop again to 2,100 where we will cross I-5 and stay
in Mt. Shasta for a night.


Erik said…
Thank you for responding to my inquiry about the altitude.

You guys are progressing so well.

I'm very interested to see what happens when Steve gets back ... will he continue to eat the same volume and increase his level of activity, or will he return to his previous level of activity and stop eating those massive meals? Time shall tell.

Have fun and I can't wait to hear about your visit with Larry.
Tanya said…
Wow...LandShark, you are quite the navigator...who needs a navigation system when you have a LANDSHARK? That's AWESOME!

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