Friday, July 18 - Happy Birthday David Bolhorst!

Welcome to being 29, David. If your year is like mine, you'll drop down to what you weighed at 17. That isn't very pretty for either of us :)

Today, we have done virtually nothing except write a whole bunch of blog posts, have a water heater repairman show Tony and I up, and lose a small amount of money at the craps table.

The soon-to-be restaurant owner, Tony, will be cooking us dinner tonight. Yay!

For David's birthday, and everyone else's edification, here are a few pictures we're really proud of...


Judith Borlase said…
Florence and bill Buckman are here and we love the blog and realize what a marvelous time you are having.
May Links borrow your big speakers for our movie event next week, and is there a kid around who can set it up? tom says he is challenged in that direction.
Hope to get your blog into the Spire.
It is terrific.
Will be excited to see you again.
The Buckmans and the Borlases
LandShark/Steve said…

Say hi to everybody!

Re: the speakers. Of course you can use them - they aren't ours! I think Rusty may be using them for Shoestring by now. Daniel Smith is the kid who can figure out projector stuff. You need a dvd player too, I think. Martha's projector with built-in DVD won't put out enough sound unless you show the movie in the fireside room or some other room that size.

So, first, check with Rusty, then Daniel Smith (son of Martin and Lorraine).

BTW, we know about Walter and we're keeping you guys in our prayers. Keep your spirits up!

Much love,
LandShark/Steve said…
P.S. Everybody else...when you leave a comment, I don't get your email address and I may not have it in the phone, so if you have a question I should reply to, email me at the usual email addresses. You may not want me to publicly reply...

P.P.S. Sorry I normally never comment. Today I have Laura's computer, and I never have a computer.
Anonymous said…
Bummer you guys left South Lake. Jacqi and I will be there this week. Glad to hear you are doing well. Godspeed the rest of the way!

Tanya said…
Thanks for the b-day shout out to David...that was very sweet of you guys, and meant a lot to him.

We just had his b-day dinner with the "fam" and I just got my b-day card that you both signed while you were in was very sweet and of course HI-LARIOUS...thanks for the b-day wishes to both of us.

We missed having you guys there tonight! Stay safe. Love ya!
Tanya said…
OOOOHHHH!!! And I LOVE the ROCKSTAR outfits...TOO FUNNY!!! Keep it ROCKIN!
David said…
Hey guys...thanks for the B-Day shout out. I can't believe I made it in the headline. That's some big time MediaSignal (sorry, that's a cheesey work joke).

I received many great birthday gifts this year and one of them was these pictures of you guys. I laughed quite a bit and then thought you guys should dress like this all the time. Steve's outfit especially is rockstar status of epic proportions.

We had a blasty in SB for our anniversary. Tanya says she wants to move there but our bank account responds to that thought with laughter and disgust. We look forward to showing you the pics when you get if you don't know what it looks like.

Hope the trip continues to go well. We miss you guys.
cyndee810 said…
You guys look FAB! We miss you JANEY! I can't wait to see you. The stories you must have!!! :) Love you both.
Erik said…
I talked to Tony today and was disappointed to hear that Jane's outfit was not worn to the Clubs. So sad. It really is a striking outfit and I think that you need to wear it somewhere again sometime. Seriously, the outfit is striking. As for Steve ... very interesting, just not seasonally appropriate. Come winter, you'd be intimidating at the lifts. At first I honestly didn't think it was you. You must have trimmed your beard in addition to bathing because the beard looks so perfect. And the glasses give you an edgyness that is so not their in your normal look. All in all, the outfits really suited both of you well and I think they should be added to your rotation.

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