Friday, July 4 - Grace Meadow to Sonora Pass Ridge

Happy Birthday America! We salute you by leaving Yosemite National Park and crossing the 1,000 mile mark! (1,000 miles – holy cow!!)

Today's hike was a transitional space, with the mountains slowly turning from granitic to volcanic. We had quite a spectacular view back into Yosemite as we climbed out of Kennedy Creek toward the mountains before Sonora Pass.

As we got to the top of the mountain where we would start walking along the ridge, we met Nick, Tim and Jordan from San Francisco who were hiking for the weekend. Very friendly fellows who were kind enough to offer LandShark some Maker's Mark, and he was happy to take it. Landshark says, "Thank you – you boys are real trail angels." Good luck with the move Jordan, and with the gardening Tim.

We found a nice camp spot along the ridge at 10,100 feet. And the best part? No mosquitos!


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